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NBK distributes more than 1000 Iftar Banquets during the Holy month of Ramadan


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) distributes daily Iftar banquets during the Holy month of Ramadan at NBK’s tent held near the Grand Mosque as part of NBK "Do Good Deeds in the Holy month of Ramadan" campaign.

Talal Al Turki, NBK Public Relations Officer said: “NBK Iftar banquets, an annual NBK philanthropic tradition and a landmark activity within the bank’s corporate social responsibility, acquire much more momentum this year distributing more than 1000 Iftar banquets. The Iftar banquets will be held near the Grand Mosque.” 

"The distribution scale and range of Al Watani Iftar banquets this year also include distributing hundreds of fast-breaking meals via special convoys to numerous mosques, strategic and crowded locations in Kuwait. A large number of NBK staff volunteers, will be ready to serve the fasters", Al Turki said.

“By ‘Doing Good Deeds’ NBK hopes to encourage a greater sense of community and charity during Ramadan and encourages its customers and staff to participate by ‘doing good deeds’ all month long”, Al Turki concluded.

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