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Adding New Beneficiary

Activate your Account for NBK Online Banking /Update your details 
  • You can activate the account for NBK Online Banking transfers.
  • Account Activation & Phone Number Update:

    All you have to do is Call Center at 1801801 to activate your account and you will enjoy conducting all financial transactions after 24 hours
    To update your phone Number you must visit the nearest NBK branch. 

  •  Note:
  • - If you request to activate the account only without updating the mobile number, the account will be activated immediately
  • - If you update the mobile number during the past 24 hours whether in branch or through Call Center, the account will be activated in 24 hours
  • - On mobile number update, a new SMS message will be sent to you to inform him on the update*
How to add a new beneficiary or update the existing beneficiary?
  •   Click on “Add Beneficiary” or click on “Update” if the beneficiary’s details need to be updated. You can find it next to the beneficiary name under “Actions”

    - Beneficiary Name: You need to enter the full name of beneficiary. Kindly do not exceed the box assigned
    -  Address: is the beneficiary address. Kindly fill all the fields. The city and state/province are required

    - Account number/IBAN number: is the beneficiary account number (IBAN is mandatory for the banks and countries that require IBAN number)

    - Bank Name: is the beneficiary bank name

    - Bank address: is the beneficiary's bank address. Kindly fill at least two fields

    - Bank code: is referred to with either the swift code or routing number (Depending on the bank the money is transferred to. This code needs to be obtained from the bank you are transferring to)
  • Note:

    - Not to include any special characters, such as / , : & ( ).

    - When creating international beneficiary, if the bank name is not included in the drop down list, please select “Others”

    - The account will be deactivated if you failed in adding beneficiary after 3 attempts, you will be required to activate the account again
Mentioning the Purpose of Payment 
  •  As per Central Bank’s rules and regulations, all Online Banking transfers (Local & International) made only with foreign currencies must select the reason for this specific transfer.
  • To select the “Purpose of Payment”, please do as follows:

    1- Select the reason for this payment from the drop down menu

    2- Type the reason for this payment. For example the invoice number, name of the charitable donation, a salary of the month of, etc. If the reason of the transfers is not listed, please select “Other” and specify your reason

    3- Check the phone number. If it’s incorrect, the customer is unable to correct it on the form. The phone number must be updated by calling the Call Center service 1801801 or by the branch

    4- Type email address

    5- Submit the request and confirm it  



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