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Graduates & Internship

National Bank of Kuwait is committed to recruiting a significant number of Kuwaiti graduates in all disciplines in all areas of the bank. We carefully select top graduates for a program of formal training and rotation through various departments of the Bank before allocating them to the area in which they will start their career in banking. Graduates typically provide the Bank’s future top management

Internship programs

Undergraduate Program

As a student, our summer internship offers you on-the-job training complete with the necessary tools and knowledge to help develop skills in your desired field. On completion, students will receive a certificate and a monetary award and a chance to work full-time with NBK.

Al Azraq Summer Internship

This two-week orientation program is the perfect opportunity for Al Azraq package holders. Giving a broad insight into the world of finances, youngsters can kick-start their financial future and learn more about banking.

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