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Corporate Treasury

Corporate clients including privately-held companies, public institutions, government agencies and high-net worth individuals constantly seek ways to protect and improve their existing business in today's economic environment. NBK Treasury Team aims to provide its clients with up-to-date views and advise on the current market with superior, reliable and efficient execution covering major asset classes and products. The NBK Treasury team boasts a unique skill set with experiences in the traditional asset classes as well as the alternative and innovative financial instruments in both the domestic, regional and international markets.

The team operates in a simple and effective business model, allowing them to respond quickly to changing customer needs.

Tailored Approach

Rather than working on a transaction-based approach, NBK takes a relationship-based approach by leveraging its deep understanding of customer need and providing relevant and timely customized treasury solutions.

Comprehensive Coverage

NBK Treasury professionals cover global and local markets and price and advise on a wide spectrum of instruments and investments ranging from simple foreign exchange transactions and money market deposits up to more complex multi-currency hedging solutions, yield enhancement swaps and investment strategies as well as consult their clients on more exotic structured products on a multitude of asset classes.


Here are a few of our recent projects:

  • All kind of deposits.
  • Foreign Exchange spot, forwards, swaps etc...
  • Foreign Exchange Options ranging form vanilla options to the more exotic options
  • Options Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategies
  • Foreign Exchange Investment Products
  • Structured Products (all asset classes including equities, equity indices, interest rates, foreign exchange, funds and alternative investments) and using all types of payouts and tenors.
  • Full and soft capital protected structures.
  • Interest Rate Investment and Hedging products services
  • The department provides treasury solutions to businesses ranging from small enterprises to larger institutional clients.
  • We Offer up to the minute advice and information on flows in foreign exchange,interest rate markets and capital and derivatives markets.
  • Our team has access to international markets on a 24 hour basis through our order monitoring service.

As an active member of the global market, and due to excellent credit ratings by the leading rating agencies, and a presence in many financial centers around the world; NBK can provide highly competitive prices and a cutting edge quality service to its clients in the global financial markets.

For any inquiries email us at the Treasury Services Desk

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