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Credit Facilities

Lines of credit are tailored to the specific needs and requirement of each customer, including the working capital facilities, project and contract finance, as well as medium and long term finance. We also provide appropriate line of credit for Import Letter of Credit, Letter of Guarantees and Foreign Exchange.

At NBK, our lending philosophy is to deliver:
  • Unrivalled value to our clients
  • Rapid response to all queries and requests
  • Consistent criteria in lending policy
  • Flexible, problem solving approach
  • Customer based, personalized service
  • Loyalty when facing difficulties
  • Added value approach
Our Products include but are not limited to:

Working Capital Facilities:

  • Overdraft
  • Trade Finance Lines
  • Short Term Lending
  • Letters of Credit
  • Letters of Guarantee
Project Finance:

Provide creative tool solutions covering all banking needs for specific projects including hedging, cash management, cash financing and non-cash financing.

NBK has exceptional experience and track record in arranging huge syndicated loans.

Long Term Finance

NBK serves a variety of projects from medium to long term finance structured and designed to suite the client requests, financial and cash flow capabilities.

Structured Finance:

NBK has a vast experience and track record in arranging huge syndicated loans,Bond and Skuk Issues.

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