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Asset Management

About Asset Management

NBK is a client centric financial institution which searches globally and acts locally in order to bring high quality investment management services to meet your individual needs. NBK’s Asset Management business provides several types of investment vehicles that cater to different objectives. Supported by the expertise and proficiency of MENA Equities, Product Development and Investment Advisory Teams, clients can have more informed and strategic financial solutions.

Retail Investment Funds

At the National Bank of Kuwait we offer you a variety of investment products to suit your individual needs. Whether your goal is to provide for your children's future, buy a vacation home or spend your retirement the way you deserve, NBK is there for you to help you develop your own unique investment plan.

International Brokerage

As always, our motivation is to meet our clients' investment needs; thus, we currently offer a wide variety of products and services including online, telephone and Diwaniya trading. But more importantly, we offer exclusive and personalized service to our clients. Open an account and start trading today.

Structured Notes

Clients interested in participating in the appreciation of equity markets but are concerned about loss of principal can buy an index limited note to provide them with participation with market upside. Clients may also link notes to the performance of interest rates.

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