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Islamic Asian Real Estate Fund


Objective & Strategy

The investment objective of the Fund is to seek current income and capital appreciation from a portfolio of investments in Asian real estate in accordance with Islamic Shari'ah principles. The Fund is a long-term investment vehicle designed to achieve an expected IRR of 14-16% per annum with an expected annualized net quarterly distribution of 4% growing to 8% by the end of the investment period and 8-9% thereafter.

The Fund will pursue its objective by investing in a diversified portfolio of high quality office buildings and residential real estate properties in exclusively first-class inner-city locations in Asian countries such as Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan and Thailand. The Fund will invest in the properties acquired by TMW Asia Fund in compliance with Islamic Shari'ah.

Investment Features

  • Well-diversified portfolio of Asian real estate investments.
  • US Dollar denominated.
  • Quarterly income distribution
  • Managed by one of the largest real estate managers worldwide
  • All investments are in accordance to the Islamic Shariah principles
Performance As of 31 December 2013Fund
Cumulative Distributions since Inception54.55%
Annualized Distributions since Inception5.68%
YTD Distributions3.50%
3 Month Distributions0.88%
3 Months Distributions (annualized)3.50%
6 Months Distributions3.50%
1 Year Distributions3.50%
2 Year Distributions (annualized)5.00%
3 Year Distributions (annualized)5.83%
5 Year Distributions (annualized)6.50%

Risk Level


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