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NBK Gulf Equity Fund


Objective & Strategy

The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in GCC equities. A distinguishing feature will be an active strategic approach by the Fund in allocating between the equity markets within the GCC and the MENA region. The Fund will aim to optimize longer term returns by reducing the downside risk below that of the GCC equity markets. A contribution to this objective will be achieved by diversifying among various MENA countries outside the GCC and, as considered prudent, cash resources based on the investment outlook and strategy decided by the Fund's Investment Manager.

Investment Features

  • Investing in equities with strong fundamentals and good long-term prospects
  • Easy access to your investment on a weekly basis
  • Active strategic approach in the GCC equity markets.
Performance As of  11 December 2014Fund
Cumulative Return Since Inception43.06%
Annualized Return Since Inception


YTD Return5.31%
1 Month Return-13.53%
3 Months Return


6 Months Return-14.24%
1 Year Return


2 Year Return (annualized)20.00%
3 Year Return (annualized)13.35%
5 Year Return (annualized)


Risk Level


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