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Thahabi Multi Asset Funds - Conservative


Objective & Strategy

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide investors with long term growth. The investment strategy seeks to deliver portfolios with stable monthly returns, low volatility, low peak to trough drawdown and global diversification.

The Fund will offer two portfolios with different risk tolerances to meet various investors' needs:

  • Conservative Multi Asset Portfolio
  • Moderate Multi Asset Portfolio

Investment Features

  • Exposure to eight globally diversified asset classes
  • Includes traditional and alternative asset classes
  • Very low cost index investing
  • Disciplined strategic asset allocation portfolio rebalancing
  • Two portfolios with varying risk-return profiles
  • Ability to invest either directly or through a Savings Plan
Performance As of 31 October 2014Fund
Cumulative Return Since Inception


Annualized Return Since Inception-0.56%
YTD Return5.35%
1 Month Return1.31%
3 Months Return2.25%
6 Months Return4.04%
1 Year Return4.37%
2 Year Return (annualized)2.06%
3 Year Return (annualized)1.68%
5 Year Return (annualized)1.87%

Risk Level


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