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More than 250,000 financial transactions conducted via Watani Online each month


"Watani Online" (WOL), the Internet-based banking service of the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) and one of the most advanced of its kind, has recently set a new record as the total number of financial transactions conducted by NBK customers via this  round- the -clock dedicated online service has exceeded 250,000 per month. More than 100,000 of NBK customers are currently managing their banking accounts via WOL.
NBK's Deputy General Manager-Consumer Banking Group Abdulla Al Nahran said: "NBK's market leadership encompasses both traditional and electronic banking services as illustrated in the highly favorable response and enthusiasm with which WOL is being received by NBK customers in light of the ease and convenience it offers them, not to mention that it is a free of charge service"
Al Najran unveiled that more than 250,000 financial transactions has been conducted by NBK customer per month, an increase of 50% against the same period a year ago. More than 100,000 customers are currently managing their financial and banking transactions electronically via WOL through NBK's website
Al Najran added: "The electronic services represent the future of consumer banking services and NBK always endeavors to consistently develop its services and products in order to satisfy the growing financial needs of its customers. The bank adopts the-state-of-the-art banking technologies and standards with the objective of providing utmost convenience and ease to customers".
WOL services cover transfers between the various accounts, credit cards payments and requests of account statements in addition to opening new accounts and much more.



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