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NBK distributes Iftar Banquets to fasters during the Holy Month of Ramadan


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) distributes daily Iftar banquets daily during the Holy Month of Ramadan as part of NBK "Do Good Deeds in Ramadan" campaign and as an extensive social program specifically developed by NBK in concordance with the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan and as a further testament of the Bank's commitment to its social responsibility.

NBK Public Relations Officer, Talal Al Turki said: “NBK Iftar banquets, an annual NBK philanthropic tradition and a landmark activity within the bank's corporate social responsibility, acquires much more momentum this year as a result of widening the scale of Iftar meals distribution to embrace most mosques, strategic and crowded locations in Kuwait”.

"The distribution scale and range of Al Watani Iftar banquets this year will be broader, more extensive and involves a larger number of NBK staff volunteers, in addition to distributing hundreds of fast-breaking meals via special convoys to numerous mosques, strategic and crowded locations in Kuwait", Al Turki said.

Al Turki further added: “NBK has dedicated fast-breaking banquets which it hosts daily during the holy month of Ramadan, to people in Somalia who are suffering from lack of food and water due to famine, among the worst hit are children”.

“By ‘Doing Good Deeds’ NBK hopes to encourage a greater sense of community and charity during Ramadan and encourages its customers and staff to participate by ‘doing good deeds’ all month long”, Al Turki concluded.

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