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NBK launches 2012 Summer Internship Program


In light of the tremendous success of the Summer Internship Program in the past years, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is launching the first in a series of the 2012 Summer Internship Program on 10 June, 2012. The two-week courses are specially designed for high school and college students between 15 and 20 years old.
NBK Public Relations Officer, Talal Adel Al Turki said “NBK views the Summer Internship Program as an extension of its educative initiatives as part of it social responsibility.”
“This annual program demonstrates the NBK’s long-standing social involvement as well as its national commitment towards providing the young generations with the appropriate opportunities to experience how the actual professional banking issues and transactions are handled and processed”, Al Turki added.
The Summer Internship Program consists of 5-hour daily sessions and features a mixture of theoretical and practical training dedicated to providing the interns with invaluable knowledge on a variety of subjects such as; the teamwork, creative thinking, means of self expression and modern banking, in addition to helping them to have greater exposure to daily banking work procedures.
Online registration for the Summer Internship Program is open until May 31st through and through NBK official page on Facebook & Twitter.

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