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Trust Account


If all you are looking for is an interest free salary account, our Trust Account is for you. Dependable, reliable and absolutely effortless. Trust us, it does not get any better

Criteria to Open Account:

  • KD 500 for new customers and KD 100 existing customers
  • No minimum balance required.
  • This account is only available in KD.
  • To open a Trust Account you must be 18 years old and above.



  • Free Visa Electron ATM card/ Debit
  • Access over 650,000 Visa Electron ATM machines globally
  • Free Online Banking and easy access to Phone Banking through 1801801
  • 24/7 accessible Phone Banking service
  • Subscribe to SMS Banking

Other Benefits

  • You get a free Visa Electron ATM card with access to over 650,000 global Visa Electron ATM machines
  • Subscription to NBK SMS available
  • Enjoy the convenience of NBK Online Banking for viewing and managing your account
  • You get free access to NBK Online Banking
  • Trust Account is an non-interest bearing account


Dormant and Unclaimed Account Fees

If there is no activity on the account for 1 year, the account will go into a dormant status. If there is no activity on the account for 5 years or more, the account will go to unclaimed status.
A KD 2 monthly fee will be charged to dormant and unclaimed accounts. You may visit any branch and reactivate your dormant  and unclaimed account, a fee of KD 5 will be charged for all reactivations.

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