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Free Travel Insurance


Life is full of surprises. In spite of careful planning, one is often faced with unexpected situations. The free travel insurance coverage offered on NBK Credit cards is designed to ensure that you are better equipped to handle these situations. When you purchase an airline ticket using your NBK credit card (s), you are automatically entitled to the following insurance coverage along with the limits mentioned.

Sum Insured/Limit Per Person
Coverage (US Dollar)ClassicMasterCard/Visa, Prepaid Travel Card,NBK Zain Visa cardGold MasterCard/Visa,Titanium, Laki Titanium Diners Club, Business Banking Titanium, Corporate Gold MasterCardPlatinum Master/Visa, World MasterCard, Visa SignatureVISA Infinite
Medical & Emergency ExpensesUS$40,000US$40,000US$50,000US$50,000
Body RepatriationUS$5,000 US$7,500 US$10,000 US$10,000
Trip Cancellation &CurtailmentUS$1,000 $2,000 US$2,500US$2,500
Delayed Departure (Excess of 6 hours)US$500 US$750  US$1,000 US $1,000
Personal Accident: CardholderUS$100,000 US$250,000 US$500,000 US$1,000,000
Personal Accident: Spouse(s)US$50,000 US$125,000 US$250,000 US $500,000 
Personal Accident: Dependent ChildrenUS$5,000  US$7,500 US$10,000 US$10,000
Baggage & Or Personal Effects Loss/Delay/ Damaged Checked In) (Delay in excess of 6 hours)US$250 US$500 US$1,000 US$1,000
Personal Liability (including legal expenses)US$250,000 US$250,000 US$250,000 US$250,000
Lost or Stolen Personal Money/Travel Tickets/ Documents/PassportNIL NIL NIL US $500.00
Purchase ProtectionNIL NIL NILUS $750 per item or US$1,500 any one occurrence 
Extended WarrantyNIL NIL NILUS$750 per item or US$1,500 any oneoccurrence

*Please note that Al Ahleia Insurance Company does provide to NBK Credit Cardholders a health insurance certificate for free that is required to get the Schengen Visa.

For your convenience, you can also call, fax, e-mail or write to AIC to request a claim form.

Mail to: Al Ahleia Insurance Co. P.O. Box: 1602, Safat, 13017 Kuwait.
Location: Ahmed Jaber Street, Sharq, Al Ahleia Insurance company Buildings, 8th Floor, Medical department.

Contact persons: Mr. Ali Abdel Nasser Mohamed , Ms. Fay A. Al-Shammery
Telephone: +965 1 888 444  Ext. 2854,  2809.
Fax: +965 22450298.

Working Hours: 7.30 A.M till 3.00 P.M (Sun – Thu) except public/ declared holidays.

NBK Credit Cards Free Travel Insurance Policy 2014

NBK Credit Cards Free Travel Insurance Claim Form 2014

Common Questions

  • What are the countries in which this free travel insurance is valid?

    The travel insurance is valid world wide during the covered trip and which commences during the period of Insurance i.e., from 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2012 both days inclusive. Please note that any trip within Kuwait itself is not covered.

  • What is a Covered Trip?

    Any trip, not exceeding the number of days  (90 days) specified in the schedule, which commences during the period of Insurance and within the geographical limits specified in the schedule and for which at least 75% of the cost of the tickets has been purchased using the cardholders. Always provided that such purchase is made by the person who is the main account holder with NBK

  • What are the benefits offered?

    Death due to accident of the insured person during the period of travel, baggage delay on a public carrier (> 6 hrs), delayed departure of the public carrier (> 6 hrs), medical expenses reimbursement, repatriation of the body to their home country in case of death during the insured period of the insured person.

  • What Medical & Emergency Expenses are covered during the covered trip?

    This Section shall reimburse the cardholder in respect of expenses necessarily incurred for medical, surgical, diagnostic or remedial treatment as a result of the cardholder falling ill or sustaining accidental bodily injury in the course of a covered trip. Treatment for Pre- existing illness or medical conditions is excluded

  • Is dental treatment covered?

    Yes dental treatment is covered, but only for the emergency relief of pain to sound and natural teeth,( Eg, accidental damage to the sound and natural teeth) occurring during a covered trip.

  • Are my children covered?

    All dependent children means unmarried children, step children or legally adopted children of the cardholder who at the date of any loss hereunder are under 18 or 23 years of age if still in full time education.

  • Is my spouse(s) covered?

    All legally wedded spouse(s) are covered.

  • What's the maximum length of time I can be covered per trip?

    Maximum of 90 days from the commencement of a trip or, if the journey is completed by returning back to Kuwait, whichever is the earlier.

  • Are business trips included?

    Yes business trips are covered provided tickets are purchased with NBK credit card.

  • What do I do if I fall ill abroad during the insured period?

    f you fall ill and it is an emergency then you need to visit a registered Medical physician/ doctor/hospital and consult for treatment. If the illness is serious and major medical treatment or in-patient treatment or repatriation to Kuwait is required you should call the 24 hour SAS telephone number for assistance. They will deal with the medical staff/hospital and arrange for any necessary treatment to be approved. They will normally arrange for cost of treatment to be reimbursed to the hospitals directly. The medical physician/doctor prescription, medical report signed by the attending doctor, medical bills/invoices paid need to be submitted along with the completed signed claim form.

  • How do I make a medical claim?

    submit along with the claim form all required documents, like medical report from the attending physician/ doctor, prescriptions, medical bills/ invoices for payment to various services provided by the hospital/clinic.

  • When I fall ill abroad, will the insurance company directly settle the hospital bill, or am I required to pay first and then claim reimbursement?

    If it is a minor illness and the treatment cost is less than US$1,500 or equivalent you can pay the bills to the hospital directly and seek reimbursement from the insurance company later by providing all original documents, bills, invoices, medical reports etc. Above US$1,500 you can contact our world wide SAS assistance for help and they would negotiate with hospitals and if necessary would arrange for payment to the hospital after verifying and satisfying that you are not in breach of the policy terms and conditions.

  • When I fall sick abroad, can I go to any hospital or only specified hospitals?

    Any registered hospitals or clinics with the appropriate Government agencies or Government Ministries.

  • Am I covered for Adventurous/ hazardous sports or activities?


  • How will the valuation of my lost baggage be made?

    You should provide the list of items with their prices/invoices copies if available for any expensive items, date of purchases made so as to arrive at proper depreciation, along with the police report/ carriers lost report, mentioning the list of items lost together with their values.

  • In the event of a claim, am I liable to pay any excess?

    Yes, depending upon the section of the policy under which you’re claiming. It would range from US$50 to US$100 for each loss or claim.

  • How and when will I get re-imbursement for a claim?

    After you submit all the required claim documents to the Insurance company, you will receive your claim within 21 working days.

  • What documents are required for making a claim?

    For any claim first you need to provide proof that the travel journey tickets have been purchased through NBK credit card then complete and submit the relevant claim form.

  • Are there any 'health conditions'?

    Pre – existing ailments, illness or health conditions are excluded.

  • Can I buy tickets for friends? Are they covered?

    You may buy tickets for friends using your card however they are not covered by this policy, cover is for Card-holder, spouse and dependant children only.




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