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Asset Management

In these times of uncertain economic trends and volatile securities markets, capable asset management may be the most valuable investment service to you. We believe that we can best serve our Private Banking clients by managing their assets on a fully discretionary basis, even though we also provide advisory and custodial services. For clients whose main objectives are the preservation of capital and the earning of interest, we can select deposits and manage the maturity structure.

Agency Accounts

We are in a position to receive and execute your instructions to buy/sell securities and equities traded in major financial markets.

Custodial Services

Our specialized departments are equipped to hold your securities, equities, bonds etc., on your behalf and to provide record keeping, disbursements and other allied services.


Execution of all orders with brokers and dealers in the markets for the respective securities.


Collection of interest, dividends and redemption payments.


Regular reporting of all transactions during the period and the assets held at the end of the period including the current market valuation.

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