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A spread of international holdings is a proven method of reducing risk in today's world of financial, political and economic uncertainty. The ownership structure of these holdings, however, is often as important as their intrinsic value - especially in times of political upheaval or the untimely death of a family leader.

Having a carefully structured offshore trust or personal investment holding company is an effective way of protecting assets without restricting growth. NBK Private Banking in London and Kuwait are able to assist in the structuring of investment holding companies in offshore centers like Jersey, which are economically and politically stable with a sophisticated financial infrastructure that includes international banks, accounting firms and lawyers.


The major advantage of offshore trusts is that there are no tax implications on income, capital gains or inheritance tax. As a result, such trusts can offer major savings through effective tax planning. Trusts established with any of our companies are totally confidential.

These benefits are available because of the legal nature of trusts. A trust is established by a written agreement in which an investor appoints a trustee to manage certain assets in the best interests of one or more named beneficiaries. A written Trust Agreement in effect formulates a flexible long-term financial plan detailing:

  • How the assets are to be managed.
  • When distribution of assets will be made.
  • Who will receive these assets.
  • When and under what circumstances such agreement will be ended.

A well-structured offshore personal holding company can be used to manage assets and income to reduce or eliminate offshore and capital gains taxation. Such a company is subject to either no or minimal local taxes in most offshore locations.

As an incorporated entity, a personal holding company can invest in stocks, term deposits, Eurobonds, Real Estate or any other opportunity with total confidentiality.

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