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We are in a position to offer a wide array of international banking products and services at our branches at key world financial centers, facilitating easy and reliable access to overseas financial markets.

Our highly qualified personnel at our locations in London, New York, Singapore, Paris, Beirut and Manama are specially trained and equipped to cater to your overseas private banking needs. Our international network offers a wide range of services and products:

  • Foreign exchange and money market activities
  • Short and medium term loans
  • Corporate finance
  • Trade finance and documentary credits
  • Real estate services
  • Financial advisory services
  • Checking accounts and deposit facilities in all major currencies

We provide the services necessary to create and manage offshore personal investment holding companies. We can establish these companies in any of the major offshore financial centers.

With trading operations in Kuwait, London, New York, Singapore, Paris, Beirut and Manama, NBK maintains a global participation in all the major centers.

The in-house capabilities of our treasury services and the sophistication of equipment have enabled us to successfully design specific hedge products for investments with worldwide currency exposure.

Active participation in the UK foreign exchange and Euro currency markets permits us to price competitively and promptly and to meet not only your needs but also your expectations.

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