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    The above approximate calculation of the loan is for guidance only and does not entail any kind of obligation or liability on the bank. This operation and its result assumes that you have paid all your installments on time, your loan term did not have a grace period and you have not made partial payments to your loan. Kindly note that Government loans cannot be refinanced.Please contact 1801801 or visit any branch to confirm.

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Transfers are not complete without an IBAN

Get your IBAN now!

As of 1 November 2015, IBAN will be compulsory for all local transfers. 

All incoming and outgoing transfers from NBK will require an IBAN number (Except international transfers to non IBAN countries) 

Click here for the list of countries that require an IBAN number

You can also get your IBAN through:

  • - NBK Call Center 1801801
  • - NBK Online Banking
  • - NBK Mobile Banking


Common Questions

  • What is an International Bank Account Number (IBAN)?
    An IBAN is the account number, bank and country codes of a beneficiary in an internationally recognized structure.
  • Who will use IBAN?
    Anyone making or receiving payments within Kuwait, whether personal or business will have to include the IBAN in the payment instructions.
  • When do I use an IBAN
    - Transfers between banks operating in the State of Kuwait.

    - Transfers between local banks operating in State of Kuwait

    - Transfers issued by banks operating in the State of Kuwait to bank accounts outside the State of Kuwait in countries that apply IBAN system.

    - Transfers received from banks outside State of Kuwait favoring accounts at local Kuwaiti banks

    - Transfers issued by local Kuwaiti banks to bank accounts outside State of Kuwait in countries that apply the IBAN system. Click here for the most updated list of countries for which the use of IBAN is mandatory.

    - Standing orders favoring other local banks in State of Kuwait

    -International standing orders to countries that apply the IBAN system
  • When do I use my normal NBK account number?
    Transfers between your own NBK accounts or for transfers between customers’ NBK accounts
  • Why do I need an IBAN?
    It is a simple, standard way to identify account details and helps to speed up payments between banks. IBAN is implemented in State of Kuwait at the instruction of the Central Bank of Kuwait to standardize the identification, format and length of bank accounts across all banks in Kuwait for faster and error-free transfers.
  • What should I do if the company I want to pay for did not give me their IBAN?
    If the company hasn’t printed their IBAN on their invoice, you should ask for it. The company can find their IBAN on their bank statement or can ask their bank for it. You should advise the company that the
payment will be rejected if no IBAN details
are provided.
  • How can I obtain my IBAN ?
    NBK customers can obtain their IBANs by the following methods:

    Entering their NBK account number into the IBAN generator on

    Through NBK Online Banking or Watani Online Corporate (WOLC)

    By speaking to one of our agents on 1801801

    Through the NBK Mobile Banking App
  • Does IBAN apply to currencies or to countries?
    The use of IBAN is country specific and not currency specific. For example, payments made to Lebanon in US dollars will require an IBAN even though no IBANs are required for payments to the US.
  • Does IBAN apply to payments to all countries?
    Click here for the most updated list of countries for which the use of IBAN is mandatory. There are also some countries where the use IBAN is recommended but not enforced.
  • Is IBAN required if I want to pay my credit card at another local bank?
    There is currently no inter-bank electronic direct debit facility for credit cards. Hence, IBAN is not applicable.
  • Does IBAN apply to standing orders?
    Yes, IBANs apply to standing orders favoring financial institutions in IBAN compliant countries, as well as other banks in State of Kuwait.
  • How will I use an IBAN?
    As an NBK customer, you need to use IBAN in your payment instructions and also advise all parties sending payments to you, from other local banks in State of Kuwait, as well as internationally that IBANs are required for all incoming payments.Provide your IBAN on all invoices and Requests for Payment. Your vendors, suppliers and other customers need to provide these details when making payments to you.
  • How do I update the details of a beneficiary on NBK Online Banking if it has been set up using an account number?
    If your beneficiary is not updated with IBAN details, you will be requested to add the IBAN number online to the beneficiary details and you will be receiving a ‘One Time Password’ for confirmation.
  • Can I update beneficiary details on NBK Mobile Banking?
    For security reasons, beneficiary updates are only done through NBK Online Banking. As beneficiary details have not yet been updated to reflect IBAN details, NBK Mobile Banking customers will receive a pop up message to visit NBK Online Banking to update the beneficiary details.
  • Can I update beneficiary details on NBK Corporate Online Banking?
    Yes, beneficiary details can be edited on NBK Corporate Online Banking with IBAN details.
  • What will happen if I try to make a payment to a beneficiary at another local bank without an IBAN?
    Payments to other local banks will be rejected without an IBAN. From 1st November, 2015 all local transfers have to have an IBAN.



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