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Online Safety Tips

General Tips 

Don't be personal:
Do not use passwords that can be easily guessed, e.g. children's names, birth dates, telephone numbers and so forth.

Never write them down: 
Never write down your passwords nor disclose them to anyone.

Make it difficult:
Your password should have a minimum of eight characters, be as meaningless as possible and use uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers eg. 3Lpn58g4.

Change passwords regularly:
Change your password at least every 30 days.

Password protect your computer:
Use a password on your computer to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your information.
If your password has been used or accessed by anyone contact the NBK Call Center immediately at 1801801 when calling from Kuwait, and by dialing +965 2224 8361 when calling from outside Kuwait.

Prevention Checklist

Never use public PCs:
Avoid using Watani Online or any other Internet sites which require the use of passwords at Internet cafes, libraries or other public places.Click here for details

Disable the 'Autocomplete' function on your browser :
The 'autocomplete' function remembers data you have inputted, sometimes even passwords. The next person to use your computer could potentially gain access to all this information. The 'Help' function on your browser will tell you how to do disable the 'AutoComplete' function.

Review your account statement online carefully and frequently:
Make a habit of reviewing your banking information on NBK Online Banking on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways to notice and stop fraudulent activity.

Logging into NBK Online Banking:

  • Ensure you log into NBK Online Banking the correct way. Always log on to NBK Online Banking  by entering the website address into the address bar. Never access from a link in an email.

  • Do not leave your computer connected and unattended. Never leave your PC unattended while you are logged onto Watani Online. If you are leaving your computer make sure you shut it down or physically disconnect from the Internet.


Updates And Patches:
From time to time, vulnerabilities are discovered in programs running on your PC. These weaknesses are regularly exploited by virus writers and hackers to gain unauthorized access to those PC's that have not been patched.
Microsoft users can visit: which can automatically check what is required for both operating system and browser and then download it at your request.

Anti Virus Software:
You may already be using anti-virus software but to be effective, the software should be updated on a regular basis with the latest virus definition files.
There are many effective programs to choose from, but the most common commercial products include McAfee, Symantec (Norton) and Sophos.
You can download free virus scanners from or

Personal Firewalls:
A personal firewall is another program that helps protect your computer from outsiders on the Internet. When installed, it stops unauthorized traffic to and from your PC.
There are many effective programs to choose from. Common commercial examples include Zone Labs, and Computer Associates.
The leading free firewall is "Zone Alarm" from Zone Labs and there are many others to choose from. Zone Alarm is now used on over 20,000,000 PCs and has been awarded the PC World 2003 "World Class Award" for Best Firewall.

Online Security Threats

Phishing refers to fraudsters attempts to 'fish' for your personal details by using fake emails and claiming to be from NBK and so forth.
In these emails, the customer is requested to provide their personal or financial information. Customers are led to believe the request is from NBK or a real company when in fact it is an attempt to collect customer information for the purpose of committing fraud. Once the fraudsters have collected financial information via phishing, they can abuse this information and steal funds from those accounts.
They then recruit innocent individuals by placing different ads on the Internet. These recruits are known as 'mules'. The bank accounts of the mules will be used to accept money transfers from fraudsters. Mules will be asked to withdraw the money from their accounts and forward it, minus their commission, to the fraudsters. The fraudsters may be able to stay anonymous but there is a trail to the phishing mules which can be followed by the authorities.
Be very careful about job offers which involves the acceptance and release of funds to a bank account in return for commission. Mules recruited by phishing fraudsters are money laundering and are likely to face criminal prosecution.
If you receive an email requesting you to re-register or re-enter sensitive details, delete it immediately and contact NBK on 1801801.

Viruses and Worms:
A computer virus is software that attaches itself to another program to survive and reproduce and can only run if the infected program is running. This can tie up resources such as disk space and memory, causing problems on any computer.
An email virus is the latest type of virus which is transported through email messages and usually attaches itself to all contacts on the victims email address book.
A worm is similar to a virus and infiltrates security holes on your PC. Once a security hole is found, the worm will attempt to replicate itself from computer to computer.

A Trojan is a harmful program that can infect your computer. Some Trojans will claim to clean your computer of viruses but instead introduce viruses that make your computer vulnerable to attacks by hackers.
Some tips on how to avoid Trojans are:

  • Never open unknown emails or attachments

  • Install software from trusted sources only

  • Scan your computer on a regular basis

  • Use a firewall to monitor traffic to and from your computer while you are connected to the internet

  • Install anti virus softward and keep it updated

  • Download and install security patches for your operating system as soon as it is available 

Electronic Fraud:
Refers to email scams from fraudsters to obtain your banking and personal information and here is how it works:
You will receive an email appearing to be from NBK or another legitimate company in or out of Kuwait. The email may claim a number of different things such as: You are then asked to provide your personal and financial information by completing an online form. The form requests a variety of information such as:

  • There is a problem with your account

  • Ask you to enter a contest to win a prize

  • Ask you to subscribe to a service that will provide you with prizes and etc 

 You are then asked to provide your personal and financial information by completing an online form. The form requests a variety of information such as:

  • Your credit card numbers 

  • Your account number

  • Your passport of Civil ID numbers and so forth

Once you provide this information the fraudsters will have the necessary information on you to conduct a fraud.

Spyware and Adware:
Spyware is a type of software that secretly collects your personal and user information while on the Internet.
Adware is a type of spyware used to track visitors' habits and interests on the Internet. Adware can monitor the types of sites you visit, the articles read or the types banners you click on and so forth. Many times this information is sold to a third party for the purpose of marketing.

You can minimize your chances of downloading spyware onto your computer by:

  • Never click on banners no matter how enticing they may appear.

  • Read the terms and conditions when you install free programs or sbuscribe to services from the Internet.

  • Use up to date anti spyware programs on a regular basis to scan you computer

NBK Security Commitment

NBK is committed to providing you with a secure online experience, we offer complete confidentiality when it comes to your personal and financial information. We have placed a number of industry-accepted security measures to make NBK Online Banking a safe and secure online banking service.

Encryption And Firewalls
Encryption prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account information on NBK Online Banking. NBK uses the highest level, 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect your NBK Online Banking information.
When logging onto NBK Online Banking look for the padlock icon located in the lower right corner of your browser window. A closed or locked padlock indicates a secure connection.
Look for: https:// at the beginning of the URL address. The "s" means secure.

Automatic Time Out 
NBK Online Banking uses a default timeout mechanism of ten minutes. After this time, the system automatically "logs" you off and ends your session. You will then need to log in again to access NBK Online Banking.

ePIN And Additional Security

  • ePIN: The ePIN is an electronic Personal Identification Number which provides access to third party transfers in and out of Kuwait. The ePin can be requested online and must be picked up from the branch where the customer will have to authenticate him/herself.

  • Random ID verification on beneficiary creation: Customers are required to input system generated random digits from their ID in order to create a new beneficiary to conduct a transfer.

  • SMS Notification: Customers' receive immediate SMS alerts on transfers and beneficiary creation.

Upgrade Your IE Browser

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a transaction online and finding yourself unable to complete the process half way through.

Click here for more details




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