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Safety Tips

Don't be personal  Do not use passwords that can be easily guessed, e.g. children's names, birth dates, telephone numbers and so forth.

Never write them down  Never write down your passwords nor disclose them to anyone.

Make it difficult  Your password should have a minimum of eight characters, be as meaningless as possible and use uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers eg. 3Lpn58g4.

Change passwords regularly  Change your password at least every 30 days.

Password protect your computer  Use a password on your computer to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your information.

If your password has been used or accessed by anyone call NBK on 1801801 immediately.


Never use public PCs Avoid using Watani Online or any other Internet sites which require the use of passwords at Internet cafes, libraries or other public places.

Disable the 'Autocomplete' function on your browser  The 'autocomplete' function remembers data you have inputted, sometimes even passwords. The next person to use your computer could potentially gain access to all this information. The 'Help' function on your browser will tell you how to do disable the 'AutoComplete' function.

Review your account statement online carefully and frequently  Make a habit of reviewing your banking information on Watani Online on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways to notice and stop fraudulent activity.


Ensure you log onto NBK Online Banking the correct way  Always log on to NBK Online Banking by entering the website address into the address bar. Never access from a link in an email.

Do not leave your computer connected and unattended  Never leave your PC unattended while you are logged onto NBK Online Banking. If you are leaving your computer make sure you shut it down or physically disconnect from the Internet.


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